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Note: Previous (most of 2008) postings are in the middle of being archived. If they're not here, they will be soon.

20 February 2009

Went and watched the Happening/Movement. It is indeed spectacular. I got some pictures this time and I must say, it is always going to be funnier in person... but it's still super-duper awesome for pictures. The lighting was amazing... it's just so perfect. If only I could hold the camera a little more still and the shutter speed was quicker, some of the bits wouldn't be so blurry. These are from the Musical.

To explain the joys of 'inner wealth' and not worry about society Size-up The Wise One speaks of the endless learning that the Professor has ahead of him

Anyway - it was just awesome.

16 February 2009

I am about to go hit the sack because I am sleepy. Very very very very very very very very sleepy. I realised in the last couple of days that I hadn't blogged in a while, so I decided that I'd take a few minutes aside and put in a sentence or two or three or more before I go sleep. O, sleep sounds so nice!
I recently stumbled across this amazing... happening? (Quite literally, by the way, the parking lot was a good three inches of ice and I was ill at the time so I was really clumsy) Anyway click HERE! to see this beautifully fantastic happening. Movement. Surprise. Piece of Art. They're just... WOW.

And now - a bit of Shakespeare.

"O, sir, I will not be so hard-hearted! I will give out divers schedules of my beauty and it shall be inventoried and every particle and utensil labelled to my will. As, item, two lips, indifferent red. Item, two gray eyes, with lids to them. Item, one neck, on chin and so forth. Were you sent hither to praise me?"
-Olivia, on mocking the subject of her beauty, which is being praised by Viola, who is disguised as a boy, on Orsino's behalf. In which, the Duke Orsino is nothing but a persistent love-sick boy in love with the idea of being in love. And poor Viola is much in love with Orsino, who thinks he is in love with Olivia, who falls in love with Viola thinking that Viola is actually the servant boy named Cesario, who Viola is acting as because being a man is much easier than being a woman on her own. Oh, did I mention that Viola has a brother named Sebastian? They look alike. So much, that when Sebastian shows up in Illyria, Olivia takes him off and the get married... thinking that it is Cesario. And what about the cantankerous, self-righteous butler, Malvolio? He thinks about how wonderful life would be if he married Olivia and then thinks that she is irrevocably in love with him. Then he dresses up in mustard yellow and and cross-garters.

Anyway - I'm really going to bed now. Got a little carried away. Whoops? :)

ChXmas in a small town

4 January 2009

We went and visited Penny and Elphie yesterday. And we were immediately bombarded by hordes of kids.

Take cover!!!

Soon, things calmed down and bit, although they were ohso-curious to the point of eating my jacket, face, hair, boots etc. Elphaba and Penny, already used to us being around, were chilled out and went to go find something more edible.

Yum. Sticks.

Then Penny was very much curious as to what the camera was... so she followed.

cam.er.a. Cam-era!!! Camera?

Anyway, I am going to get going. But I do have to add one thing more...

The General

This is General Greene in the process of courting a lovely doe. He is a big and very lovely buck. And therefore, very smelly. Bucks are always smelly. This is why you don't see people with bucks too often. :) Okay, I'm gone now.

1 January 2009

Okay, I got the pictures to put up here, so this is why I was so damned bouncy and why I wanted to wait until I had pictures to announce it to the world. :) I'd like to introduce you to the newest members of our family; Elphaba and Penny Lane.

Penny Lane Elphaba

Aren't they just LOVELY?!?!?!?! Anyway... I'm going to go eat dinner and then watch videos on Goat Husbandry and Breeding and Kidding and stuff. Yes. That's what I'm going to do. *bounce in seat!*

27 December 2008

Okay. Exciting. But I'm waiting for pictures before I type what is so absurdly exciting. Sorry. Not really. Anyway. I'm just bouncy. I'm thinking. I'm contemplating. I'm using the ol' noggin'. About what, I am really not entirely sure. Soooo... why am I blogging again? A new year is coming. That is exciting. I have the wonderfully cozy jacket. That is exciting. Maybe I should blog about excitement. That would be fun, I think. Nah. I'm going to go now. Tootles.

22 December 2008

Pink Pop Art

Oooooohhh goodness. Found snazzy new feature in camera. How spectacularly awesome is that?! Great fun. Oh yeah... it stopped snowing today!

20 December 2008

Morning. We got a lot a good hunk of snow last night. It started late in the afternoon and it's still snowing. So, utimately, we'll probably get a couple of inches over a foot. We've got about a foot now. The chickens are grumpy... they holed up in their outdoor shelter on the other side of the run yesterday and I had to put them back in their house one by one. Obnoxious fowl. Anyway, so this morning after throwing the snow out of the chicken run so the chickens could walk around (they're still holed up and refuse to come out - had to put their feed in the house), I decided to take some pictures. Aoife collaborated with me by being really cute.

Aoife sticking her nose in the snow. Again. A Charlie Brown Tree Aoife examining a suspicious tree stump

17 December 2008

So we got some snow last night. Then rain. Resulting in trees being iced and slushy-icy snow on the ground... you know, the kind that would prickles you if should try and pick it up. Huzzah! However, it still was only a dusting. I wonder if people went out and bought more bread and milk because they could. Wouldn't surprise me at all. If another snow comes, it better be like this;

A REAL snow

That dropping of snow came at the beginning of the year. It was pretty fantastic, if you ask me. Very pretty. Perfect snowball-snow. Not too wet, not to dry. It was Aoife's first snow. She was very excited. Ah, memories!

Aoife loves to stick her nose in snow Aoife and Bijou make a quick pose Bijou is hot on her tail - fluffy puppy, thou shalt not prevail!

Bijou pops up at the least expected moment!

15 December 2008 (technically... it's like 12:30 in the morning)

Well, I'm still calling what was yesterday today. Today (the 14th - not midnight on the 15th) I made a hat. It was a prototype for theatre, so it's very messy and there's wire and I still have to touch up that part so it doesn't catch in anyone's hair. That is most unpleasant. It is supposed to be a Dust Bunny hat, however, I severely think it looks like donkey ears. Half expecting to see Bottom appear at any moment and demand his hat, donkey ears and all, back. If you haven't seen the version of A Midsummer Night's Dream with Kevin Kline, Stanley Tucci and Rupert Everett, I highly recommend that you get your butt off the computer and go rent it or borrow it or buy it. It's fantastic. Then you may understand my reference to Bottom. Anyway, here's a picture of the hat.

Lovely (the piano) wearing the Hat

Oh yah, so I had my first Pumpkin Spice coffee today for the first time in probably seven or eight years. Kind of a long time. Then again, I don't drink coffee... I'm one of those tea freaks. However, I do appreciate a good cup of coffee if I should like (of course, it's like, maybe three times a year when I actually want to drink the stuff). It's also very nice out tonight... we've been having the strangest weather. Warmish, bitter, cold, warm, bitter, warm, cold, cold, warm.... I wonder what tomorrow will be like. This should be interesting. *sigh* Starting to look forward to warmer weather without the blood-sucking insects. Thinking about A Midsummer Night's Dream doesn't help. Haven't even gotten through December yet... haven't even gotten a decent snow! GAH!

10 December 2008

Well, today I got to look through the special collections at the library and OMG - I was reading "History of the Stage"... published in 1749. Back then, people made all their "s" look like "f", so I kept thinking I was reading words like "Hiftory of the Ftage" and "Fhakefpeare" and "Thefians" and "Athenf" It's baffling. And wonderful. So incredibly overhwhelming. There is soooo much stuff there. It's beautiful. Then I got to see a whaling log book from the 1830's I believe and it's so..... EGAD! I have no words, just loud noises of excitement. And then there's a bible written in Dutch from the 16th century and it was made of vellum, so it is extremely well preserved. The writing and the panels... it's amazing.
Anyway, since I was recently talking about horses, I went back and looked at the breed list that I mentioned below and I realised that four out of the six breeds are German. Huh. The Germans bred very, very, very lovely horses. I also decided to put up pictures for those who don't know what they look like. I shall put them in order of which I mentioned them first. Let me introduce you to the Trakehner... a lovely German breed. :)

Simply gawgis a black trakehner... just so pretty!

Oh dear, now I've gone and done it - I want to put them all up now. Unfortunately, I could not really find any pictures of a Württemberg, so I'll have to scan that in later or something. You'd think that with the internet, you'd be able to find these things... *sigh* :D

The Oldenburg - very majestic... also a German breed The Hannoverian - very elegant German horse The Andalusian - most commonly found grey (white) in colour... this breed was developed in Spain

8 December 2008

It's bitterly cold today. Rawr. We got a dusting yesterday, although you'd think it was on an apocolptyic scale because there were so many people out with their snow plows. Ridiculous. Every year, if there is a hint of people mentioning snow or lots of rain or something, everyone goes out and buys bread and milk... even if they don't need it. *sigh* People are such strange creatures. Yah, so it wasn't that bad out yesterday when it snowed, but it was very very very bitter today. Not supposed to get this kind of weather until sometime in January. Not crazy over bitter... I'll do cold, but not biiter-stinging-your-eyes-and-make-your-hands-bleed-bitter. Jeez. I am a personal fan of having a good foot of snow and having everything covered in snow... it's the prettiest then, when nothing has touched it. Definitely getting some pictures up here when that happens. *grin*
Anyway. I have the Beatles stuck in my head right now. Not very frustrating, because they totally kick the arse out of the Stones. Also, I recommend anyone to go and sit in a room with a candle and listen to the wonders of Mozart, Tchaikovsky, Chopin and Bach. Not all of them at the same time of course, but a mix of their pieces on a cd is very nice. It's very cathartic, relaxing and eye-opening.
Okay, it's time for me to talk about really beautiful horses. More or less, I'm referring to Gypsy Vanners today. My god they're beautiful. Trakehners, Hannoverians, Oldenburgs, Andalusians and Württembergs also have my undying love... but I'm going to put in a picture of Gypsy Vanners because they're on my mind at this moment.

Gypsy Vanners - a very beautiful and fairly new breed

Okay, I'm tired and I'm rambling... in fact, I'm not even really rambling at this point so I think I'm just going to walk away from the computer. You really should too. Good day.

Weird & Strange Bugs Entry

A strange and curious alien bug another angle of the weird alien bug I named it Pinky It was a strange bug

Acrylic on deli sheet

This is a gibbon in a market in a third world country somewhere. I can't remember. But it was on the cover of National Geographic. Best thing in the world (the magazine, not the the gibbon). Besides apple pie, of course.

29 November 2008

I have been contemplating holidays and the origination of thus. I guess this is my "holiday thoughts" entry. Hrm. Turkey Day has passed. Another year before the masses of the country gorge again on turkey and stuffing and the works. For many generations, people actually didn't celebrate Thanksgiving... between the popularized 1621 Thanksgiving, a on-the-moment celebration in the 1770s, state celebrations by the 1840s, and the 1860s, there was no Thanksgiving in the US. None. Nada. Squat. Zero. A woman named Sarah Hale wrote to governors and other officials around the country to encourage country-wide unity during the middle years of the American Civil War. Only after that did it become a national holiday.

And what is with Columbus Day? He didn't "discover" America... many people did, if you decide that "discovering" is in the context of "a recollection of certain individuals in European documents". I think that definition is infinitely more appropriate. He was a horrible person that killed and tortured many people that were under his governing at the time. "According to testimony of 23 witnesses during his trial, Columbus regularly used barbaric acts of torture to govern Hispaniola.[26]" I don't think that there should be a holiday for someone like such.

Christmas.... ah Christmas. The tree - a "pagan" tradition that the Church so lovingly condemned and then claimed as their own. "Church" in reference to the Catholic/Christian Church. "Both setting up and taking down a Christmas tree are done on specific dates. In Europe, when the practice of setting up evergreen trees originated in pagan times, the practice was associated with the Winter Solstice, around December 21.[10] Tree decoration was later adopted into Christian practice after the Church set December 25 as the birth of Christ, thereby supplanting the pagan celebration of the solstice." -- "[10] A solstitial date also marked the rebirth of the sun gods Mithras or sol invictus, with whom no tree symbolism was connected."

"There has historically been opposition to the custom of the Christmas tree because of its alleged pagan origins. Thus, Oliver Cromwell preached against "the heathen traditions" of Christmas carols and decorated trees. As pastor Henry Schwan of Cleveland, Ohio decorated in 1851 what was likely the first Christmas tree in an American church, his parishioners condemned the idea as a Pagan practice." "Pagan",of course, referring to the more ancient religions known commonly as either Celtic or Nordic in origination; those that are not Christian. Last year, the Pope and other clerical leaders were going back to condemning trees and telling people instead, to put up the Nativity scene. Whatever floats your boat, although I think that's kind of oppressing of them, especially since they keep changing their mind. "The Christmas tree has seen an amount of controversy, mainly involving the secular and non-secular usage of the tree as well as groups who oppose usage of the tree on the grounds of interpretation of scripture and pagan origins and/or pagan character of the custom. There are also those who view it as a Christian symbol. In 2005, the city of Boston renamed the spruce tree used to decorate the Boston Common a "Holiday Tree" rather than a "Christmas Tree".[18] The name change drew poor reviews from the public and was changed back to "Christmas Tree" after being threatened with several lawsuits by Rev. Jerry Falwell and the Alliance Defense Fund. In the same year, Speaker of the House, Dennis Hastert, R-Ill., asked that the tree that decorates the Capitol grounds to be renamed back to "Christmas tree". It had been renamed "Holiday tree" in the 1990s[19]. Also, La Salette Shrine in Attleboro, MA... their busiest season is during the holiday season with their show of lights and decorations. The premiere on Thanksgiving Day in celebration of the oncoming Christmas. I think that is faily hypocritical, don't you? -- [18]'Boston's "Holiday Tree" Sparks Controversy' -- [19] At Christmas, what's in a name?: ABC report, November 2005
It's been a part of American culture for at least 200+ years, you can't easily suppress it. They really should stop telling people what to do. I like my tree. It's the only thing that I demand every year right after Thanksgiving... I willingly drop the rest. I like the celebration of the solstice. And why not, as long as you don't get to stressed out and don't put yourself in debt, enjoy the commercialism of "Christmas". Decorate. Drink hot choclate and egg nog. It's fun. Okay, I may have rambled enough. Happy Holidays... I'll blog again soon.

Clucker Bio

Different stages


This is Sir. He is the strange offspring of Kiwi and Peck. He's generally very laid back and he's pretty good with the hens. He's not as clumsy or as rough as his father had been, so there aren't any bare backs on any of my hens. Very relieving. He's a very nice rooster. Definitely nothing like his father. Peck was always very wary, but then he decided to eat people. Sir is very friendly... and he's sooooo PRETTY!!!

Residence: Les Hotel Clucke, apt. 1
DOB: 14 April 2008
Breed: Weird Barred Rock mix
Favourite Hobby: Being responsible
Favourite Food: Bread and mash
Favourite Pastime: Being cute and fluffy
Interests: Food, going to bed early, finding tasty bits around the yard
Best Friend: Owls

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