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January 6, 2009

So I thought a little bit about what to say before I started writing.
I thought I might write about what I have accomplished in the 22 hours or so since I last wrote.
First, I wrote some letter. I started a letter to my penpal, Denzel Ringthigh (and it will knock your socks off, by the the way, Denzel).
It's a good letter so far. I've got about five pages, and I've already apologized with lots of big words for not writing sooner (Denzel has been expecting a letter since the summer),
I've praised her, and insulted her, and written a good story to go along with it all.
But at some point, I had to sleep.
So I did.
Then I woke up and managed to read the newspaper (in which there were no good stories).
I ate toast with butter while I wrote some more, waiting for my friend to arrive on the bus.
I wrote some more letter while I waited. And I listened to some music (I think I was listening to Monstrous, Cheryl Crow, The Beatles and Ingrid Michaelson, for those of you that care).
Then my friend, who has pink hair (for those of you that care), arrived.
I heckled while he and my brother made dough for pizza.
Then, I arranged a cheese platter. It was very ugly. But it tasted good.
My pink haired friend thought it was quite gross that I should eat mustard on my cheese and crackers.
But it's really quite good. And I've never eaten them any other way.
Well, I have, but I have always eaten them with mustard.
After all the cheese and cracker nonsense, I argued a bit with some people about the First Amendment of the United States Constitution.
It was quite an enjoyable part of my day.
Sometime in the next week or two, I have to read the Anti-Federalist paper No. 4 "Foreign Wars, Civil Wars, and Indian Wars - Three Bugbears"
After we were done talking about the world, I dug a grave for Choco.
Then, I came in and we ate BLT's for dinner.
Nice way to end the day.
Except it's NOT how I ended the day.
After I was finished with dinner, I watched X-Men.
And then, after I was finished watching X-Men, I started to watch X-Men II!!!!
Double score!
Only I didn't finish it.
So maybe that's only half a double score?
Which would be a score!?
I dunno. Probably not important.

Emma Lee

January 5, 2009

I am too involved in the mandatory writing of other things, that I have been slacking greatly on my blog.
I don't really like to give you all updates of my personal being, because if I did, you would be very confused, for I change so frequently.
Pictures are nicer. Instead of seeing what I'm thinking, you're just seeing what I see. Much simpler really.
But since I have not taken any wonderful photographs today (or any photographs at all), I guess I will have to find something interesting to say.
There's so many thing I can say. There's alot of words in the English language, you know.
I even know a few in other languages.
So the opportunity for saying stuff is pretty big.

I hate peas. I had some with my dinner. I didn't enjoy them.
I like clicky clacky sounds. Like typing. And teacups.
Puddles are awesome in theory, but soggy socks aren't fun.
The phrase "cut the mustard...." makes me laugh.
Canned dog food is one of the better smells in the world.
Except when it's not. Which is all of the time.
Unless you're a dog, apprently.

I think I need to go now, and reconnect with the part of me who knows what to say.


Emma Lee

My rabbit, Choco, died three days ago. I just recently posted a photograph of her, but I think I will again soon.
I have to many great pictures of her, she was a very photogenic and charasmatic rabbit. It's a shame I didn't take more.

January 2, 2009

January 1, 2009

December 25, 2008

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree!

December 23, 2008

December 22, 2008

Sherika March 24, 2008 Sherika and Ben, March 24, 2008

December 21, 2008

Glass Head Goat's Feather

December 20, 2008

A snowstorm has definitely just happened if I wake up on a Saturday morning, make myself some french toast, bacon and sausage, then settle down to watch Back To The Future.
And that's exactly what I did this morning.

Yummy breakfast

Another good way to tell if a snowstorm has just happened, is to find me in flip-flops and sun glasses outside in a foot and a half of snow.

Mike got a Uke for Christmas.... Who do you think came up with the idea for this picture?

Happy Holidays,

Emma Lee

December 14, 2008 (Take III; 11:00pm)

This is a first. Three entries in one day.

Clothesline, 11pm Clothesline, 11pm Clothesline, 11pm House, 11pm

December 14, 2008 (Take II)

I have a small obsession with coins.

Thick coins, thin coins.

Sunny coins.

Coins that aren't round.

My Uncle sent us a bunch of coins for Christmas. This is terribly exciting, because if you couldn't tell, I like coins.

Even though they are dirty. Filty actually. They're so mysterious and awesome. And I mean awesome most literally.
As in "I'm in AWE!". These are my favorites.

It probably has a little bit to do with the nostalgic pop culture phenonmenon brought on by the Lord of the Rings trilogy,
but mostly I like the way they look.

Especially this one!

Emma Lee

December 14, 2008

I really need to start uploading pictures as soon as I take them. These are a few from the recent past.

Emma Lee

Bijou gets cold in the winter! 11-15-2008 Well, well.... 11-15-2008 I can hear the bells! 11-15-2008 Choco and her daughter, Feet. 11-13-2008

December 10, 2008

here's a picture of a sheep somewhere in my town that I took in October, which was when I messed up the website, so I never posted it.

Emma Lee

Sheep, October 10, 2008

December 9, 2008

Oh the weather outside is frightful!
(And kind of delightful to Aoife, who was chewing on some ice).

Aoife finds some discarded ice.... Aoife chewing on the ice.

And inside, the fire is so delightful
(And kind of annoying to Aoife, who would rather be outside chewing on ice).

Bijou by the fire Bijou by the fire closeup

Emma Lee

November 30, 2008

Self Portrait: Arylic on Deli sheet

October 9, 2008

I took a daytrip to Maine today. We went to York to look at a lighthouse. I did a little
bit of looking at the lighthouse, but mostly I just tried to figure out how to make the
spread of rocks we were walking on look epic. Here's some groovy pictures I took.

Emma Lee

The Lighthouse I was supposed to be looking at Ben telling me we had to go so stop taking pictures already Suggest a title to me? lovely landscape with a person I didn't notice An Epic Puddle The underside of a rock A puddle in an awesomely shaped crack Some splashy waves

October 7, 2008

I'm having a sudden allergic reaction to who knows what.
The exciting part about that is it makes my eyes watery,
which causes them to change color,
which means they were very green,
which means I had to take a picture,
which means I had to post it on my blog.

Green eye

Emma Lee

October 4, 2008

Iím angry like an unsuspecting caterpillar who is plucked off a fat green leaf by a sticky kid.

Iím angry like a patron at a restaurant whoís server took their food before they were finished.

Iím angry like a kid whoís sidewalk chalk masterpiece got washed away by the rain.

Iím angry like that guy who forgot his camera the day he saw a UFO.

Iím angry like a deliveryman who gets to a house where no oneís home.

Iím angry like Dr. Cox.

Iím angry like the person who forgot their swimming stuff when they went on vacation.

Iím angry like the guy who got his foot run over by a shopping cart.

Iím angry like a dinosaur who got extinct for no good reason.

On the plus side, I found this bug leg on my foot the other day.

UBL (unidentifyed bug leg) any suggestions as to what it might be?

It was pretty cool.

But Iím still angry.

Emma Lee

September 15, 2008

Dear Fyjj,

Hereís a blog entry for you to read.

First, a photograph of an elephant.
It is my strong belief that every good blog entry needs a photograph of an elephant
Or at least ones made on September 15, 2008.
I havenít seen any elephants lately, so you will have to do with this.
picture I took at the zoo in April.

Secondly, I would like to reccommend that people not attempt to trip their friends
as they are climbing out of a van.

Emma Lee

June 21, 2008

See below twice.

Emma Lee

June 20, 2008

It's one of those days that seems completely pointless. I have been walking all over my head
looking for inspiration to make me see the worth in doing something.
I have picked up a few projects, and set them down again. I'm restless. I think I need to have an adventure.
I'm thinking that if I went into the woods, I would find something worth seeing. But the reality of ticks and poison ivy, and being out of earshot of anyone who needs to find me, and the highly improbable
but still possible chance of losing myself there make me stay where I am.

May 21, 2008

Woke up and found pure independence in my head. Fear of flying is falling out of my head
as I walk and talk and watch. Observation - Not judgment - is taking me all the way.

I stop to turn my head inside out and wonder if itís just the sensitivity of it that
makes me make decisions and resolutions like this. But no, today Iím quite sure that
itís logic.

For No One,

Emma Lee

May 5, 2008

I Didn't Shoot The Star

Haven't posted much of anything in awhile.
Nothing much to post. So here are some old drawings that I liked. I gave up on mathematical systems a long time ago, so the drawings aren't accurate all, but the feeling is what it's about for me.

April 3, 2008

Good news. First of all, today I won a long running tear jerking custody battle over Goldie The Goldfish. He arrived this morning in a box (marked ďFragileĒ on all sides of course) and Iíve gotten to know him a little better over the day. I was quite surprised that he is considering a career in modeling. I of course will be very careful in helping him to carry out this goal, though I have no doubt that he would exceed in the field tremendously well. The two of us have agreed that we need talk to about it for a few months at least before jumping into anything. More about this in a few months.

Goldie The Goldfish

On an even more serious note, I have written the first song for my new album (release date to be announced). I will not say anything more other than it is titled ďDisclaimerĒ and runs about 30 seconds long.

And, if you havenít been keeping up, the chicken eggs that we are incubating are due to arrive April 15, so if all goes well, I will have pictures of them up here as well.

April Fools Day went well. Very well. I woke up deviously early and snuck around the house setting up [mostly] practical jokes. My mother had milk in her coffee, my sister had cream in her cereal, my brother had glitter in his shoe and a life-size Orlando Bloom with a hatchet greeting him when he came out of the shower. He also was very confused when I switched him and my other brothers clothes around. Unfortunately no one found the milk in the orange juice carton, but my day canít be perfect. Fortunately I didnít find my brothers payback, which was apparently something under my pillow, but since I never found it, he removed it the next morning when he needed it back.

Emma Lee

March 23, 2008

1). Put the tip of your tongue in the center of the salami
2). Fold the sides over.
3). fold the front under your tounge.
4). Get as much of the life out of it as possible.

Truly, this is the best way to eat salami. Unless you are a vegetarian, in which case, this would be disgusting, immoral, or otherwise unhealthy. I myself was a vegetarian for more than a year, but was forced to eat meat again due to it-was-making-me-sick. So, I guess it's not for everyone. I've really only met two healthy looking vegetarians. They would be two girls I know, from completely different backrounds and with very different diets. And by healthy looking I mean not flushed, pale or drowsy, which is how I was. I also was eating less and getting nauseous, oversleeping, loosing weight and having headaches all the time. About a month or two after forcing down my first piece of sausage in more than a year (I was bribed with ice cream) I started to return to normal. I still don't like some meat. I have a hard time eating steak because it's fleshy and I don't like chicken. I never really liked poultry much, but now especially since my sister has been talking about butchering her roosters.
I think the best kind of vegetarians are the ones who simply don't like meat. I was a moral vegetarian, I know some people who are vegetarians for health reasons and I think that while both of those have their merits, there are other options for most people. I've finally accepted, as someone who was once disturbed by eating the flesh of other animals, that we are omnivores and most of us need what meat provides (there is of course substitutes, but I really have never met the above described "healthy" vegan). There are exceptions, but I won't get into that. It's an issue of personal morals, of course, and if they have to, they can overcome it. I myself was perfectly content being a vegetarian, the smell of meat cooking, something that once made my mouth water, was disgusting to me. Made my stomach turn, but I just couldn't continue being sick all the time.
For those who don't eat meat for health reasons (that is, because of all the s#@* they put in livestock), there is the option of careful shopping. But those who do shop carefully and still call themselves vegetarians - Well that just pisses me off. That's like saying you're a vegetarian who eats fish, or just doesn't eat four legged animals. I don't know how many people offered me fish when I told them I was a vegetarian. Just say you only eat fish.

That wasn't a thought out entry. That was a tangent. I think I actually meant to write about how meat substitues should not be used to eat salami in that way, because they usually fall apart.

Emma Lee

March 19, 2008

"I am missing two legs," says the Unishroom.
"Not in your name, sir," Says I, "Is arachnid, octo or eight."
"No, you misunderstand me, I speak not of my spindly legs or web with which I catch my flys, but the way I walk from here to there, listen, I'll list the reason why....
"My long legs count as six, my one wheel adds to seven, the cat who eats my leftover web
makes eleven. The cat leaves human prints, and humans are bipedal, so it only makes
sense to say thirteen, but footprints with no legs aren't real."

Emma Lee

March 8, 2008

Iíve just cleverly digressed someone who had actual work to do into looking at this page and thinking there was a new entry. There is, but all it is here for is to laugh at said someone for visiting this when they had actual work to do in the hopes that there was something interesting to readÖ. Other than me laughing at them.

This will be deleted right after you read this.

*Bounces up and down* Almost April Fools.... Let the countdown begin....


Emma Lee

March 6, 2008

How to diagram a coordinated letter exchange by two people generally inclined toward over thinking simple things like coordinated letter exchanges?

March 4, 2008

Being not sad and not angry. Being not not sad and not not angry. Letting it get to me, trying not to. Sheesh.

Oh, and so I wanted to add this picture the other day but it wasn't working. So while I kicked and screamed and wracked my brain for a reason why I can't ever get the computer to work for me (I swear, I'll write something and it won't work, my brother will put in the exact same thing and BAM! it works.... Not fair, not right), needless to say (or maybe I do need to say it, some people find me confusing....) I didn't figure out what the problem was. So today, I was browsing about because I had a minute (I absolutely do NOT have laundry to fold, a room to clean, a dog to wash, a fire to stoke.... oops.... the fire....)


Runs to fire, puts more wood in, but of course, the fire has gotten so low that I have to scramble about for some paper which I had pushed into a corner somewhere to make room for the puppys new bed which I had to pick up anyway because she went outside and got all muddy, so now there's this big space where the paper usually is and it took me a minute to figure out that I had pushed it into a corner. Sheesh.

So. I'm back. Duh.

As I was saying, I was browsing about and I remembered! Images Folder! Ahhh ha! Images Folder!

*Smacks self in the forehead*

Not so messyfeet

In other news; I found a spider in my hair. At least I think it was in my hair. It was dangling in front of my face when I looked in the mirror. I don't remember much after that until it was safely on the floor.

Blogging (It is a verb, Ben) and Helplessly Hoping,

Emma Lee


Post Script.

March 1, 2008

I persevere. Day two of second entry.

I would like to let all of you who donít read this know that I now happily have a pen pal who writes me real honest-to-goodness letters once a week about bee stings and Lemony Snicket. They are filled with the ooey-gooey realness of letters with stamps and paper and multiple pens because they keep running out of ink and writing on both sides of the paper since I started complaining about killing trees and numbered pages and signed with a so-in-your-face-real signature: Yours Slowly, Denzel Ringthigh. Who is a wonderful correspondent, though I wish the sorry sot would remember to date the letters so I know in which order they came. Iím sure that once they read this, and/or my next letter, they will comply (or like I said in my letter, I do NOT thank you very much).

As I said at the top of the entry, the message was to those of you who donít read this. That is because I am quite sure nobody reads this. But for those of you lucky enough to hap upon this site; you will soon get to hear the best song ever written, which has been stuck in my head since I wrote it last night. I opted first to write the quintessential love song, but then changed my mind to crushing James Blunt and wrote - in about ten minutes - ďYou Are Beautiful (Class B Digital Apparatus)Ē

Now, if I ever get near a computer with high-speed internet, you will get to hear it.

Emma Lee

February 28, 2008

Iím a horrible maintainer of blogs. I am a horrible procrastinator. Actually, Iím a very good procrastinator, and that is exactly my problem.

But tonight, I have the evening. I am finally without obligation, illness or distraction and I am (sort of) awake.

February 7, 2008

Dear Mike,
This is a letter.


If you want to e-mail me a picture, please do. But if you're going to write me an e-mail - please write me a letter instead.
A letter that I can put in my yellow box that I'm not really sure was made with any intended use.
A letter that I can un-fold and re-fold a hundred times (though I probably won't).
A letter that I can see your handwriting on and wonder how you hold your pen.
A letter where you did your own spell check with scribbles and erasers.
A letter that I can burn if I really don't like you.

I find it sort of amusing that I'm sending my desperate plea for a real material correspondence into cyberspace. But when I send people letters, the response (or lack thereof) is really depressing. Would you stop being lazy?!

Emma Lee

P.S. real letter with a real "P.S."

P.P.S. Who knows what that means? I still don't.

P.S.S. Is it supposed to be two "P's" or two "S's?"

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