About Us

In 1929, the Shayer family laid the foundation of the beautiful bungalow that was to become Mapleville Farm. Originally the property encompassed quite a bit of acreage. Over the years the original land was sold off in lots, but signs remain of the sprawling homestead that once was. Stone walls run for hundreds of yards through the woods, and the house next door was built on what was originally the chicken coop.

We bought the place in 1984 and have been growing produce ever since, at first for our own use and more recently for sale. Also we keep a small flock of some 35 free-range laying hens, whose eggs we sell when production is good.

Our history in fine artisan foods goes back to Boston's famously Italian North End, where our family first took up residence after emigrating from Napoli, some eventually settling six decades ago into Providence's Federal Hill neighborhood. We have been in Rhode Island ever since. Recipes that have been handed down through the generations account for many of our savory baked goods; we have also, of course, added a few of our own creations. But regardless of their origin, our goods are all made with the finest ingredients, and are tested to a very high standard of excellence.

In 2000 we opened Ben's Bakery in Pascoag, Rhode Island, a small family-operated retail bakery (see here for a photo tour). We became well known throughout the area for our first-rate Italian and old-fashioned cookies, muffins, calzoni, pies, presentation trays and other baked goods, and also our excellent coffees, teas and cafe specialities. We were doing very well when, in October of 2001, problems with the public water supply forced us to close our doors. Over the last several years, however, former customers have been prodding us to begin production again, and so here we are.

As always, we're committed to bringing you the best products. After all, we want you to keep buying them! But try them yourself, and let your tastebuds convince you. We have faith that they will.

Thanks for stopping by our website. We hope you'll be back!

The Ryan family