Artisanal Breads

Good bread, a cultural anchor for millennia, is sorely lacking in today's world of rush and bustle and instant gratification. We're out to change that.

Each bread we make is carefully crafted by hand, the whole way through, from the time the flour comes out of the sack into a trough till the magic moment the golden-brown loaves are pulled from the oven on a peel, their crackling crusts a symphony to the attuned ear. We use a long, cold fermentation process, which not only ensures that every bit of flavor is brought out in the dough, but makes the finished product healthier.

There are four ingredients common to all our breads: flour, water, salt and yeast of one persuasion or another. In addition, we make many specialty breads with herbs, fruits and vegetables grown here on the farm or by other local farmers.

(The Fiend)
Son of Breadzilla, White Son of Breadzilla, Whole Wheat Tuscan Raider Sun-Dried Tomato & Basil Focaccia Dill & Chives Focaccia Breadsticks Wicked Good Pizza Strips Spinach Pies Apple Cinnamon Loaf Cinnamon Raisin Loaf Blueberry Sandwich Loaf Butternut Loaf Honey Rum Rolls

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