Butter Cookies

Every Christmas eve, Mom would get out the mixing bowl and the rolling pin, and we would get to work on a mountainous plate of butter cookies for The Man With The Beard. We couldn't help but sample some of them, of course, and sample we did with glee, but the ultimate satisfaction came on Christmas morning, when the heap of cookies we had left for Santa was inevitably found to be completely missing. That anybody could have that kind of appetite for our cookies, especially after eating them all night long, made us pretty proud of our work.

That's still the best part, actually; seeing the responses of our customers when they bite into something we've made. And if you've never tried our goodies before, this is not a bad place to start.

As with everything we make, we don't fool around with the ingredients. Every butter cookie is made with real butter and real vanilla extract. They are best eaten with a glass of cold milk or mug of coffee, as they are dangerously quick to disappear without accompaniment.

They are one of the essential components of our Italian cookie assortment. Make it part of your holiday tradition!

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