Butternut Sandwich Loaf

When fall returns to Mapleville, so must necesarily the much-sought-after Butternut Sandwich Loaf. Not a sweet bread, this one is moist, rich and hearty, with a subtle squash flavor and a pronounced warmth. We especially note this one as a sandwich loaf because that seems to be its specialty; when you own a bake shoppe, you eat a lot of sandwiches, and we haven't yet had a sandwich we didn't like on Butternut. Sweet and savory alike are at home. A Fluffernutter goes as well on it as a steak bomb with extra garlic-jalapeño sauce.

Its warmth of flavor and moist, even crumb make it our favorite bread for turkey stuffing, which is convenient, because it's in peak season on that most turkey-centric of holidays.

SEASONAL: October-December

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