Butternut Squash Pie

Used to be around here you could just walk into most stores in the fall and buy a squash pie. Not so much anymore, as it seems. We're here to put a stop to that.

To the pie neophyte, butternut pie is superficially similar to its pumpkiny cousin, but even in appearance it's easily distinguishable; a filling flecked with orange and a well-browned top are its hallmarks. It's definitely its own pie (there would be little point in making it otherwise), and some consider it better than pumpkin. It has a distinctly smoky, sweeter, more buttery flavor, and the texture is more granular, like custard. It has been a New England favorite for centuries, particularly at Thanksgiving time.

We're deadly serious about pie here, and this is no exception. We use only locally grown butternut, from our own place and a select few others. As a result it has a relatively short window of availability, but it is here right when it counts: late autumn and early winter, just in time to warm your heart, soul and taste buds.

Raise your forks and join the Revivalution.

SEASONAL: November-December

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