Son of Breadzilla, White

Our standard ("normal-sized") Italian-style braided loaf. Though only half the size of the epically large Breadzilla proper, it's a hefty loaf in its own right, weighing in at more than two pounds.

The best part is the perfectly caramelized, aromatic, golden-brown crackle of the crust. Unless, of course, you're more about the silky, flavorful, and surprisingly delicate crumb.

Excellent with pasta or soup, great for sandwiches, and absolutely superb for toasting, and it keeps well for more than a week when properly treated. The Son of Breadzilla wears its name well.

Tip: To keep your loaf as fresh as possible, store cut face down on a wooden board and cover upright end with a paper bag. A breathing loaf is a happy loaf.

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