Shipping Details

Yes, we are able to ship many of our products! We ship exclusively via US Postal Service Priority Mail, with a typical 2-3 day delivery time after your order ships. Please have a look at our online store; you may find what you were looking for! If you don't, please contact us directly to arrange a shipment. We ship all food items on Mondays to ensure fastest delivery and maximum freshness, and require a lead time of at least 48 hours for shipment.

In response to our single most popular request: So far, and after many attempts, we have failed to ship pizza strips out-of-state with any success. We can only conclude that pizza is a homebody that is only truly happy in Rhode Island, and quickly turns sad and stale and smushy when it's on the road. Sorry, Florida. At least you get all the winter sunshine. Right? Right.

Re: FAQ #2: Pies, it would seem, have something of a short attention span. They quickly become bored when locked up in a mailer, and more often than not they elect to self-destruct in a dramatic fashion rather than be forced to sit quietly for 48 hours. Unfortunately this means we cannot ship them to you. This makes us deeply sad, but we hope you understand.

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