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One of the more active projects we have going is our radio show, Rhode Island Hope. Hosted by Mike Ryan (and sometimes by Gretchen Ryan-O'Connor), comprising a continually evolving panel of three, and fueled by absolutely ridiculous amounts of coffee, Hope airs every Tuesday morning at 10:05 on everybody's favorite AM station, WNRI 1380.

Our position is that too much time and effort is spent by the media talking about the sensational, horrible and depressing events happening in our world, when there's no shortage of positive material. During the course of our half-hour show we talk about the things people are doing to better the world. We also discuss current issues affecting us both as Rhode Islanders and Americans, with a particular focus on Constitutional relevance.

We often feature guests, who come from all walks of life. The common thread is that they are all involved in helping people in some way or another. Grassroots leaders, public housing members, social workers, environmentalists, officials, journalists and many others have been in the studio with us to help shed some light on what's being done, what needs doing and how you can help.

We also have a healthy respect for the literary greats, and regularly consult the works of such lucid minds as James Joyce, Sun Tzu and Judy Blume in search of the elusive truths of human nature. We're consistently puzzled by the answers they give us, but we appreciate their efforts.

Our radio show is currently on hiatus. Tune in for updates!