Because Monologue is Boring.

The Roundtable sessions began with the idea that people can come together and engage themselves in a hands-on experience of the governmental process and how if functions. When we say hands-on, we mean hands-on!

We've visited and toured State and Federal buildings, attended General Assembly meetings, judical proceedings and discussed various proceedings of the executive branch. We've sat in on trials and arguments in the District, Superior and Supreme Courts, examining and dissecting each case afterward.

We've engaged in discussions with state Representatives, our Governor, the Lieutenant Governor, the Treasurer, the Secretary of State, judges, prosecutors, defense and civil attorneys and officers of the Rhode Island State Police.

Also apart from those in the judicial, executive and legislative branches, we've met and dialogued with leaders of grassroots organizations such as Rhode Island Housing, Rhode Island Farm Bureau, Operation Clean Government, American Civil Liberties Union and the Ocean State Policy Research Institute.