Ways You Can Help

Talk to Us

The reason we're doing what we are is that we believe dialogue--real, good, meaty, two-way, positive communication, not just cold rhetoric--is the key to meaningful progress. We've set up a number of mechanisms for it. So come out to Constitution Project meetings at your local library. Email us. Call in to our radio show. If you're doing something constructive yourself, let us know. Invite us to a roundtable, or be a guest on the radio. Participate and help us move forward as a society.

Donate Materials

We make a lot of signs. We also build large puppets and parade floats, and make paintings and DVDs and audio CDs and flyers and all sorts of stuff, really. We love donations of the raw materials to make these things happen. For specific information, email us.

Donate Time

We also love help making signs before a big event, or holding signs at big events. People and spaces to host outreach meetings and roundtables, especially libraries, and places to display our artwork, are a great help in our mission.

Sponsor Us

Rhode Island Hope is a not-for-profit organization. Most of our needs are self-supported, but we do run up a fair-sized bill for our weekly radio airtime. We are glad to mention your name as a sponsor, and if you're a business owner we also produce and run professional-quality commercials for a very reasonable fee. Questions? email us.