We Are Hope.

US Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day-O'Connor on Civics

We here at Hope are very serious about our Civics journey. Listen to what Justice O'Connor has to say about the state of our nation, particularly concerning civics education, and what she's doing to help revitalize it.

Civics Through Action

We are an independent, non-partisan, educational organization made up of Rhode Island citizens from widely varying backgrounds who aim to empower and bring hope to Rhode Islanders in these difficult times. We work to spread our healthy optimism in a number of different yet closely interrelated ways.

First, we talk with a lot of people. Dialogue leads to understanding, and from there to progress. It's a cliche, but a lot of old saws are still sharp, if a bit rusty, because there is universal truth in such things. We dialogue with grassroots leaders, journalists, activists and public officials in all branches and on all levels and of all functions of government. But most frequently and importantly, we talk with the citizen. Because we're all citizens, with the rights and responsibilities that come with the job. Too often we forget that our rights are no more than privileges if we neglect our reponsibilities.

We go about dialogue in many ways, and aside from our personal conversations with anyone who will listen, we reach out to many with our radio show, blog and we have grown into our t.v. show on Saturday afternoon at 2:00 p.m. Cox Statewide Channel 13, and Wed. 10 p.m. Thursday 1 p.m. Cox Channel 18, Verizon Channel 31. We host regular roundtables with active persons, and regular discussions about the Constitution and other documents which give us the context of our society. We are active in the arts, working in theatre, visual arts, film, audio, puppetry and sculpture to express our concerns and ideas.

We hand out pocket Constitutions in the street. We march in parades. We demonstrate (peacefully), testify (passionately) and volunteer (proudly). Together we can make our world better. You can help. We can make a difference. It's nottoo late for you or us. To those who have been so beaten down by bad times that they would believe any less of themselves, who roll their eyes and grumble at our rose-colored glasses, who bow their heads and take the daily punishment because there is no other way, we give you another timeless maxim:

When you lose hope, you lose it all.