Aquaponics teams up pure hydroponics (growing without soil) with aquaculture (growing a fish crop) in a more sustainable, intensive and very productive growing method, which not only gives you lots of delicious food but also conserves water and neutralizes pollutive side effects.

Here at Mapleville Farm we have been gaining valuable hands-on experience with aquaponics for several years now. After learning from a line of consecutively larger and more ambitious indoor growing projects, we custom-designed, built, and now operate a four-season dedicated aquaponic greenhouse. The system and its enclosing structure integrate several advanced ag/horticultural concepts, including massed vertical growing and biofiltration, and are optimized for our climate to keep us and our bake shoppe supplied with fresh herbs and greens year-round (and provide a convenient home for our ever-expanding koi collection). Shortly we plan to begin construction of an extension that should roughly quintuple our produce output!

We are able to accommodate scheduled group tours of the greenhouse, and our aquaponics specialist is also available for in-depth consultations. Please contact us for more information.

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