Ben coaxes a sheet of breadsticks into being Our Village Bake Shoppe is fast becoming a mainstay of village life here in Mapleville. We make our staple breads, pies and pastries with high-quality local ingredients, including our own produce and that of other local growers. Because of our commitment to keep things local and fresh, many of our products are on a constant seasonal rotation, which means that there's always something new and exciting to try!

Our specialties include savory vegetable and herb breads, Italian cookies, distinctive preserves, hard-to-find New England pies, chocolate chip cookies the size of a small moon, and a decidedly unique pizza strip.

Our history in fine handmade foods goes back to Boston's famously Italian North End, where our family first took up residence after emigrating from Naples, some eventually settling six decades ago into Providence's Federal Hill neighborhood. We have been in Rhode Island ever since. Recipes that have been handed down through the generations account for many of our delicious baked goods; atop this solid foundation we have also, of course, built our own creations. But regardless of their origins, our goods are always made with care, passion, and the finest ingredients, and are tested to a very high standard of excellence. We believe it shows.

In addition to being the best place in town to get your bread and cookies, the Bake Shoppe is the primary outlet for the fresh produce we grow on the farm. We also carry several local food products and gift items. And of course the conversation is never lacking owing to our dually boisterous Campanian-Irish roots. In short, if you haven't stopped by yet, what are you waiting for?

Of course, if you're far away and can't get here soon enough, never fear; we Ship many of our products!

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