Emma Grower, Aesthetics Director, Tractor

Emma leads the flower growing and CSA operations, and doesn't know which to be more excited about. She also makes the brownies. She used to avoid weeding at all cost but is now beginning to think she might like it. She is a firm believer in dressing fabulously for work, even if she gets all covered in mud. She was recently promoted to Tractor status after moving 17 yards of earth by hand. Her dogs are her life, and on Wednesdays she wears pink.

Casey Goat Lady, Designer, Christmas Elf

Casey is responsible for the feeding, upkeep and general health of our furred and feathered friends. She likes her goats, sheep, and ducks just fine, but aspires to adopt a camel someday. She makes our goat milk soaps and other natural cosmetics. She also heads the seasonal decor program, making floral arrangements and endless pretty wreaths, swags and garlands. This has nothing to do with her obsession with the holidays, of course. Neither does her habit of making gingerbread in July.

Ben Chief of Bread, Pumpkin Devotee, Farmall Guy

Ben started making bread in his home oven one day and has never looked back. An innovator by nature, he is the creative force behind most of our new adventures in gluten. His love for baking once led to an entire bakery being named after him! Not content to rest on his laurels as a namesake, he is known for his tendency to show up for work at somebody else's bakery while travelling. Ben is basic to the core and has an unabashed love for pumpkin spice, sweaters and new haircuts.

Mike Grower, Espresso Jerk, Fixer of Things

Mike has been a gardener since day one, developing an unsurprising Yankee fondness for tomatoes at a right young age. A likewise early start in the aquarium hobby led him to experiment with aquaponics. Nowadays he runs the four-season aquaponic greenhouse at the farm, and complicates it further at every opportunity. He likes tidy rows of plants and spends too much time weeding. Mike is a homebody and can usually be found somewhere around the farm weeding, singing to his koi, weeding, napping in a hammock, weeding, or cursing under his breath at some garfangled piece of machinery. His left hand can hold two cups of coffee at once.