Wedding Services

We offer several services for weddings and other events. We have over a decade of experience helping to make special days. Please dont hesitate to contact us with inquiries.


We specialize in Italian cookie trays and artisanal brownie assortments. Both are popular as edible centerpieces and dessert table items.

Our brownies are made from scratch in small batches with fresh butter and semi-sweet morsels for an extra rich, fudge-like texture. We garnish the brownies with decadent toppings with thirteen specialty brownies to choose from. We offer our specialty brownies as centerpiece trays or for dessert tables. Contact us for additional pricing on custom ribbon colors and floral accents.

Brownie Pricing

Plain Chocolate 1.00
Dark Chocolate covered 2.00
White Chocolate Covered 2.00
Milk Chocolate Covered 2.00
Double Chocolate Drizzle 2.00
White Chocolate Drizzle 2.00
Cashew Caramel 3.00
Espresso 3.00
Pecan 2.50
Walnut 2.50
Cookies n' Cream 3.00
Reese's 3.00
Coconut 2.50

Our Italian and Classic cookie trays have been crowning wedding tables as decadent edible centerpieces for years, as the recipes for many of our cookies have been handed down from generations. We use the highest quality ingredients in our cookies, featuring fresh nuts roasted locally and unbleached flours. We do not use food coloring in any of our baked goods; we choose instead to decorate and embellish with ribbons and florals.

Cookie Tray Pricing

1 lb. - 12.00
2 lb. - 24.00
3 lb - 36.00
5 lb - 60.00


Perfect for the bride with a flexible vision and a spirited creativity, We offer DIY buckets of lovingly grown, farm-cut flowers for your creative arrangement. Do It Yourself flowers come in a 2 gallon bucket and include a mix of focal flowers, filler flowers and greenery. Flowers are harvested at their peak and selected based on what the field has to offer the week of your event.

We offer DIY flower buckets from Late June - Early October.

Price for the bucket is $130.00/bucket plus tax. Three week notice is needed to reserve buckets. To reserve more than two buckets, we require a $100.00 non-refundable deposit!

Contact us at with your name, contact information and the date of your event!